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About us

Tehran, with a history of several hundred years, has a collective identity.

Due to the intersection of various discourses, the city has experienced different days of contemporary history but has created a unique culture in the Middle East.

Tehran’s collective identity is not derived from one form, one religion, one profession or one particular view. With all the diversity and multiplicity that exists in the city of Tehran, this character can not be taken anywhere else.

An essence in the geography of Tehran, taken from the customs of different thoughts and ideas and trying to build a collective identity and present it to various artistic and cultural manifestations, is a valuable move that promotes the cultural field of this city.

From this point of view, Tehran Gifts Store is a reflection of the different hegemonies of this city in the narration of art and handicraft products along with new designs based on Tehran beliefs, Tehran symbols, memories and memorabilia of this city that inspires the audience to be together. .

An audience that is captivated by this culture and considers itself a citizen or interested in this city and by watching these works of art, reconsiders its thoughts, feelings and memories in Tehran.

Derakhsh Khak Javid Cooperative Company, which is active in the field of design, production and execution of art products and interior art decoration with a group of well-known artists with a long history in the country, hereby invites you to visit this cultural and artistic event.

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